FAWAZ Home Care

Is a professional Home Maintenance service operated by FAWAZ Facility Management in the UAE. This set up is formulated to cater to the general maintenance, housekeeping requirements of villas, apartments and residential properties in the UAE.

FAWAZ Home Care has extensive fleet & maintenance crew enabling it to reach wherever the location may be and operate 24/7.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) packages are competitively priced and can be selected as per the client’s needs and budget. We offer the following packages to choose between, wherein we provide an array of services from basic to luxury, all-inclusive home services.

1. Silver: Basic maintenance and housekeeping services
2. Gold: Mid-range maintenance and housekeeping services including minor restorations
3. Platinum: Advanced maintenance and housekeeping including major restorations or turn around services

Our integrated central pool division provides the following services in addition to the Home Care Services, as above:

a. Handy Man
b. Housemaid
c. The front office and Office Assistance
d. Mobile car wash
e. Carpet Shampooing
f. Marble polishing and crystallization